iffweb-17Here at Iron Forged Fitness, we have an ongoing philosophy for ALL of our members:  we want your goals to be met and we want you to succeed!  With our results driven training approach, we take your goals and success very seriously, thus we have designed our training program to be unique and totally focused on YOU! 

Our trainer’s and coach’s work regularly together in order to help you work more efficiently and thus achieve your goals in a fast and efficient manner.   Part of the process begins with:

  • Initially meeting with one of our professional coach’s (see our Coaching page for a detailed description of the coaching program/process).
  • Following your initial coaching meeting, you will begin working on your Fitness Plan of Action, and taking advantage of our individual and team training sessions that are designed to improve your stability, mobility, strength, power, and speed/agility.

iff-20Our Iron Way training program is a leveled system that addresses the notion of dysfunctional fitness that results from loading poor, or compensated movement patterns with advanced exercise and external loads.  Our training program consists of these three training elements:  stability/mobility, strength, and power.


These sessions address and lay the ground work for muscular endurance, balance, movement efficiency, coordination, and posture.  These areas of training are the foundation to ALL training and are the basis from which strength, speed, agility, and power should begin.


These sessions focus on increasing muscular endurance and size via our many different strength and resistance training programs.  We vary the workouts of our sessions by utilizing many different styles of programs like:  HIIT, Circuit, Functional, and Resistance Training.


Promotes exerting maximum force in the shortest amount of time. These sessions will progressively build upon the strength sessions with speed and agility aspects to move towards complete fitness and your goals.