With spring being just around the corner, people all over the Jacksonville area are working on their beach bodies, and our staff and trainers at Iron Forged Fitness are loving this healthy outlook! It’s normal to feel a slump around this time of year because you’re losing steam from your New Year’s resolution, and you’re still fairly bundled up under multiple layers, so it’s easy to lose sight of your fitness goals. But don’t lose heart! Iron Forged Fitness has just the program for you! We are currently offering a six-week challenge that combines fitness coaching, nutrition help, and accountability to help you get the results you’ve been dreaming of. Are you needing a jump start to carry you into the springtime? This challenge might be just the thing for you. Contact one of our trainers to learn more!

In part one of our blog series on functional training, we discussed a few different topics regarding this widely-used workout method. Functional training incorporates everyday movements that will support your normal routine and activities, ensuring that you don’t get injured inside or outside of your local gym. Functional fitness uses practical, strength-building movements that emphasize the movement instead of isolating an individual muscle, and it also helps with posture correcting! Let’s discuss a few more reasons why we love functional training.

Fat Burning – As we’re already stated, functional training has so many amazing benefits, but perhaps one of those perks that brings in the most participants is its ability to burn fat quickly! Functional training, when you’re doing it right, keeps your heart rate up, so your entire workout is considered “strength-building cardio.” That heart rate acceleration over a long period of time has shown to burn fat and calories at an amazing pace. When you’re doing a functional workout, you can rest assured that you’re going to work hard, but you’ll feel so good after you’re done! Again, the key to the success of these workouts is constant movement, even if you can’t move quite as quickly toward the end, make sure that you keep moving!

Muscle Toning – Because our members who regularly do functional fitness don’t lift a few of heavy reps with lots of rest, they are developing lean muscle mass. The weight functional athletes are lifting is often body weight alone and this is an incredible way to build lean muscle mass with depth!

Balance and Stability Perfecting – Functional training works so many aspects of your physical health including strength, flexibility, stamina, mobility, and who could forget, balance. By focusing on form and stability, your overall balance increases and creates a well-rounded, healthy body.

Sports Training – Many people who participate in functional training have found that the movements they use during their workouts actually help them excel on the court, field, or track. If you are an athlete, there is no better way to improve your performance than to workout in a functional capacity.

Core Strengthening – As we’re mentioned already, functional training always focuses on an engaged, or flexed core to protect the back, and keep the body stabilized. Though most functional workouts do incorporate lots of ab work, since your core is engaged from start to finish, you’ll be able to get the best abdominal workout possible.

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If you haven’t guessed by now, here at Iron Forged Fitness, we’re huge on functional fitness training! It’s one of the best ways to get an effective workout in an hour or less! If you’ve been dabbling with the idea of trying functional training, why wait? Join our team here at our Jacksonville gym and start this new chapter of your health and fitness. It’s never too late to start taking your health seriously and at Iron Forged Fitness, we’re here to support you! Curious about our Jacksonville gym? Contact us through our website or stop by the gym sometime to talk to one of our amazing staff members!