The New Year is here and, as usual, there is a surplus of resolutions pouring out. You have heard it over and over again, “New Year. New Me,” and for most people who hear this, the words can be a bit lackluster. Although resolutions made in the New Year seem cliché, it is important to remember that each day is a new opportunity to strive towards your goals. One of the most common resolutions people make for the New Years is to come up with a workout plan to improve their health. Dedicating time to personal fitness can be difficult for even the most determined of people, so in today’s post we’re going to cover a few tips that can help you stick to your resolution.

If you are looking to successfully change your habits to incorporate a workout plan into your daily routine, try utilizing the following tips to help keep you on the road to success.

1  Be Specific. Can we say it again? BE SPECIFIC. Your resolution needs to be more than to lose weight. For example, instead of stating you want to lose weight, make your goal losing a pants size within 2 months. Small personal fitness goals can lead to big overall changes.

2  Have Accountability. In having someone (besides yourself) to hold you accountable, there is a higher level of commitment to your goal. Find someone or a group of people to check-in with so that not only are you held accountable, but your friends are held accountable as well.

3  Keep a Journal. Take note of your progress in physical ability (like personal records) and your progression physically (weight loss, increase in energy). By keeping track of your personal fitness progress in more than one way, you can remain encouraged on days where you don’t seem to see the results.

Overall, this list is a simple but effective way to build healthy habits and meet goals. Although the New Year is a great time to begin resolutions, remember that each day provides a new opportunity to move closer towards your goals.  So if you missed a workout or overindulged a little too much, IT’S OKAY! Tomorrow you can reset your mind and continue forward towards a fitter you.