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Getting in Shape!

With summer being only a few short months away, it’s more important than ever that you start thinking about your swimsuit body. There is literally nothing stopping you from getting into the best shape of your life, and we hope that knowing that you have that kind of control is unbelievably empowering to you! And with your Top Rated Local gym being just around the corner, getting in better shape has never been easier for the fine folks of Jacksonville.

But what is the best way to finally get that self-confidence back? With so many different workout styles available today, it can be hard to find the perfect one for you. There is yoga, pilates, aerobic, anaerobic, HIIT-cardio, weight training with low reps, weight training with high reps, and the list goes on! With all of these programs vying for your attention, there may be one style that stands above the rest in performance, performance availability, and final results: functional fitness training. In this two-part blog, we’re going to take a close look at functional training, and what makes it so special.

What is Functional Fitness?

If the name sounds strange to you, it might be because the term “functional fitness” is not as familiar to us as are the methods that employ it. Gyms all over the country are cropping up with their own form of functional fitness training and you’ve definitely heard of many of them. Functional training simply uses movements that are practical for your everyday life with an emphasis on performing each exercise with nothing less than excellent form. Functional workouts can be used with weights, but often they’re performed using only body weight. Squatting, jumping, pull-ups, push-ups, and so much more often work within a circuit style to keep the heart rate up and build overall lean muscle while shredding fat. But why is functional fitness more valuable? Let’s talk about it!

The Benefits of Functional Training

Practical, Strength-Building Movements – One of the biggest appeals of functional training is that it incorporates movements that build strength for the things that you do every day anyway. You’re always going to need strong muscles and good form when you’re sitting down, kneeling down, lifting heavy things, and more. It’s common for people to suffer injuries doing the mundane, everyday activities that can put a strain on muscles. When you’ve practiced good form again and again while doing functional movements, the chances of sustaining an injury are far less. Your body is used to making these movements in a healthy way. Functional training focuses on the actual movements instead of simply isolating individual muscles; this kind of practical fitness is great for everyone.

Posture-Correcting Workouts – As anyone who frequents the weight room probably knows, form is everything, particularly when your back is concerned. Getting a back injury, while working out or even from anything else, can be so incredibly life-altering. Some back injuries never seem to go away and others can flare up at the most inopportune times. Dealing with a back injury can keep you from doing the normal, everyday activities that you’d never have thought would be affected. With functional fitness, posture is emphasized and the core is always engaged to ensure that the back stays protected. When your back is supported during a workout, you’re really getting a two-for-one; you’re working and strengthening your abdominal muscles with their constant engagement, and you’re building strength in your back as well!

No matter what kind of shape you’re in, functional training is always something that you can do. Sure, you may not look like a pro when you’re first getting started, but after a few weeks of doing your functional fitness regimen, not only will the lifts and moves start to feel natural to you, but you’ll probably start to notice small to significant changes in your body, as well as in your physical endurance. When you accompany your functional training with a healthy diet, you’ll find that your results will be maximized! Tune in next time to part two of our blog series to read about more of the benefits of functional fitness!

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