Your Heart Needs Your Help


Hello, and welcome back to our blog series on the benefits that exercising has for your heart. While the benefits of exercise are well known, we feel that people often gloss over the effect that exercise has on your heart. It’s easy to see the results of exercise as far as your body goes (muscle development, weight loss, etc.), it is much harder to see the benefits that occur internally. Your heart is one of the most important muscles in your body and should receive just as much attention in the gym as your biceps, abs, and glutes. In today’s post, we are going to pick up where we left off in our last post and continue to go over some of the ways that exercise is beneficial for your heart. Continue reading below to learn more.


Even a Little Exercise Goes a Long Way


There seems to be a common myth stuck within the collective consciousness of society that states a person has to work out every day in order to see any sort of results or maintain their physical fitness. While you can’t work out once a month and expect to see much of a difference in your physical fitness, working out two to three times a week is typically adequate for people looking to make sure they are in proper shape. Below, we have listed some heart benefits you can expect from maintaining your physical fitness.



  • Energy: One of the most talked about benefits of regular exercise is the fact that people typically gain much more stamina and energy. When you sit down to think about it, this benefit actually makes quite a bit of sense. If your heart is used to being exercised, it is more likely to be less stressed when you are doing physical activities that aren’t exercise. As your heart becomes used to physical activity, it becomes used to having to pump more blood than it does when you are at rest. Treating your heart like a muscle, and exercising it accordingly, allows it to strengthen, increasing the amount of stress that you can place on it.
  • Prevents Plaque: While exercise won’t prevent that kind of plaque that develops on your teeth, it will help to combat the kind of plaque that forms in your veins and arteries. Plaque build up is most commonly caused by an abundance of fat within the blood stream, known as cholesterol, and, if left unchecked, can lead to heart attack, stroke, or even death. Exercise not only help to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood but also helps to ensure that plaque does not build up along the walls of your arteries, reducing the chances that any of your arteries will become blocked.



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