faq4Facility FAQ

Can I try the fitness center before I join?

Yes. You may come as a guest and pay a $10 guest fee. We do however are always running specials and trials so be on the lookout on our home page!

How often are the facilities cleaned?

Our staff do an amazing job at cleaning our facilities daily. That’s one reason IFF looks so great and smells so fresh!

Will I have to wait to use equipment?

Depending on the time of day you exercise, there might be a short wait for certain equipment, but in all honesty since we are a 24/7 small community gym  – we are never too busy to get in a great workout. Come check us out during peak hours and see!

What should I bring for the locker room?

You do need to bring your own towels and toiletries.

Do I need to bring my own lock for a locker?

YES. You may use and lock your choice of locker daily, but you must remove the lock and its contents upon leaving the facility each day. You may choose to rent a locker by the month for $10 and keep your items at the gym as you like. This charge will be added to your monthly dues.

faq2Children FAQ

Are children allowed to work out?

Children may workout at our facility age 13-15 as long as there is parent with them at all times while at IFF. There are special allowances for children under 13 but please see front desk for more information.

Do you offer child care?

Yes. It is included for up to 2 children, and you may add additional children to your membership for $5 per child per month. Child Care is available for 2 hours a day per child.

Do you offer any classes for children?

Yes! Be on the look at especially during the summer months as we run our Kids Camp and loads of fun classes!

faq1Member FAQ

May I bring a guest?

Yes. Guests may come with a member for a $5 guest fee and may only come during staffed hours. Guests must complete a guest information card/waiver and provide a driver’s license for identification.

How do I change the billing on my account?

You can call the front desk and or log onto your account online.

Can I freeze or suspend my account?

Yes, we do freeze/suspend accounts for medical and military TAD/deployment reasons for more than 6 weeks through 6 months. Anything more than 6 months requires approval from management. You must bring your account to a zero balance, and give us a 30-days written notice, and bring substantial proof to be approved by management. We take the following items as proof: Dr.’s note on letterhead, and signed deployment orders with name. The front desk and management team is highly effective in helping with these things.

How do I replace my key tag?

Notify the front desk staff that you need a new key tag. There is a $10 replacement fee.

Is there a yearly Club Enhancement Fee?

Yes, every year, in the month of April, there is an additional $29.95 CEF that comes out with your normal monthly membership dues if you have a 12 month agreement with us.

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership you must have fulfilled your agreement or qualified for early cancellation, have a zero balance on your account and have given a 30-days written notice. You must email cancellations@ironforgedfitness.com and submit a 30-day cancellation request with a copy of your ID. The cancellation department will get back with you within 72 hours and confirm your cancellation request, last draft information, and cancellation of account. If you do not get receipt of your cancellation request back, that means we have not received it – so you need to re-email or call and speak with a manger. You must bring your account to a zero balance before cancellation will be completed. We do not cancel memberships over the phone.

What qualifies me to cancel my agreement?

Upon approval from management and the cancellations department and the following occur: proper cancellation steps per above have already been take and established, and you have permanently moved over thirty miles. This applies to military and civilians alike. Required proof is needed. We take the following items that need to have the correct new address and name on them: PCS Orders, Leases, and Utilities bills only.

How does the Tell A Friend Referral Club work? 

Once your referral card is given to you, you are responsible for holding onto and keeping track of this card. If you lose your card, you will be given a new card and you will have to start over again. No exceptions. You may complete as many club cards are you like. You will receive a punch and monies : ) $$ : ) per each friend you bring in that signs up for a membership! Your monies may be put toward your membership or given directly toward you.